Meet Border Collies Max, Edie and Joe in this month’s episode of Dogs with Jobs. Together, they ensure a successful lambing operation on Rothercombe Farm.

It’s the calm before the storm in Stroud, as sheep farmer Andrew Snow gears up for the busiest six weeks of the year. With 1,925 lambs due in a few weeks’ time, he’s planning logistics. The border collies are fundamental to the smooth running of the lambing season, which means long and arduous days for dogs and family alike.

With around a thousand expectant ewes on the farm, things can get a little intense.

L-R Gary (15) retired, Max (7), Joe (2) and Edie (5). Although they work flexibly, each has particular strengths.

Senior statesman Gary (15) is living out his retirement in the farmhouse, with the Snow family. Out in the kennels, team leader Max (5) remains top dog, though retains a worrying interest in the family guinea pigs. Joe (2) fancies his chances for the top job since becoming a dad to Edie’s puppies over the winter months. Now the pups have left home, Edie (5) is back to work full time.

Gary is enjoying his retirement, while Edie has recently returned from maternity leave with renewed focus and maturity.

The collies are fighting fit and ready for anything with their boundless energy. Except a team photo(!)

The collies are speedy and light on the their feet, circling the garden, as they will circle the fields when lambing begins.

Andrew explains to Kate Fairweather how the dogs work in concert with him to ensure a successful lambing operation.

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