Ray Vogt of the Petersfield Twinning Association has used part of his lockdown to write a song to honour Petersfield’s relationships with its two twin towns in France and Germany.

Petersfield is twinned with Barentin in France and Warendorf in Germany.

In normal times members of the twinning organisations of each town make annual visits to or from the other towns.

This is not possible at present, nor has it been possible for the association to pursue its normal calendar of social events.

It’s in this context that Ray has written the song to cheer us all up.

The song has been shared with the two twin towns. Ian Chambers of the Twinning Association says it has been well received.

Official lyrics

There is a pretty place in the South Downs
The people there are friendly they are nice
This place is Petersfield, it’s a small town
With a little market and some handsome sights

‘Twas many years ago that some people
From Petersfield looked for friends afar
They didn’t have to be grand or regal
Just normal, not too strange and not bizarre

A twinning we will go
A twinning we will go
In Warendorf and Barentin
We’ll see some lovely sights
And spend some jolly nights
With beer, Schnaps et un peu de vin

In Warendorf /Westphalia they struck lucky
And found the people there were keen to twin
The town is pretty and the food is yummy
Not to go and see yourself would be a sin

Barentin in France is just as charming
With cafés and statues everywhere
It’s rich in history and there’s some farming
And lots of joie de vivre in the air


In spite of Covid and in spite of Brexit
We will keep our twinning link alive
We know we will return and you will visit
So let our friendship grow and let it thrive


Petersfield Twinning Association

Find out more about the association and its activities on its website at http://www.petersfieldtwinningassociation.org.uk/