Horton House is the culmination of nearly a year of painstaking work and sheer hard graft from the team at Butser Ancient Farm, just outside Clanfield.

The front of the structure, with a porch that leads onto two “cells” or sections, faces north.

Experimental archaeologist Claire Walton takes Shine Radio’s Kate Fairweather on a house tour. She explains the painstaking research and interpretative work in the planning , conceiving and construction of the “stone age” house.

The hand-wrought construction of the house involved painstaking work from the BAF team

Claire also explains why visitors emerging from the visitor centre on site are confronted with the thatched back, rather than the more decorative front of the house!

Boots on: BAF director Simon Jay and experimental archaeologist Claire Walton, who masterminded the interpretation of Horton House.
Prehistory interpreters Will and Jo demonstrate ancient skills in front of the wattle and daub doorway of Horton House.

Horton House is just one of a number of exciting projects at Butser Ancient Farm. Among other projects are a bronze age dwelling, due to start construction shortly.

BAF director Maureen Page is delighted with how Horton House has turned out.

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