Did you know that the UK dog charity, Guide Dogs for the Blind Association (Guide Dogs for short), is the largest dog breeding programme in the UK and trains nearly a quarter of the world’s guide dogs?

Golden retriever Breck, seated, in his guiding harness
Breck the Guide Dog in “working mode”, wearing his distinctive guide dog harness

Shine Radio’s John Welsman talks to fellow volunteer Kate Fairweather about the work of Guide Dogs, over coffee in the sunshine.  

John works within the charity’s Canine Affairs team, which thinks about the future of guide dog ownership and works with government and service providers on behalf of Guide Dogs. He talks about some of the charity’s newer initiatives and its astonishing breadth of work for visually impaired people in the UK.

Hear John talking about the career of his own guide dog, Breck in this month’s episode of Dogs with Jobs.