Did you know that you can access non-medical, or “social” prescriptions for practices such as homeopathy, breath work and a range of other therapies – all via your local GP?

Roessa Marks and Helen Breadley sit cross legged on the gras under a blossom tree
Yoga teacher Roessa and breath coach Helen Bradley collaborate regularly.

Yoga teacher Roessa Marks and breath coach Helen Bradley explain how the practice of yoga and breathing work can help calm the body, and therefore the mind.

From Helen’s garden, surrounded by birdsong, they talk about how engaging with nature has helped so many people through the pressures of the pandemic.

A tan and white guinea pig peers over a flowerbed made of railway sleepers
One of the free range guinea pigs chews contentedly on a dandelion in Helen’s garden

Find out more about social prescribing and how it could help you from your local GP’s surgery, or online at the NHS website: https://www.england.nhs.uk/personalisedcare/social-prescribing/

More about Roessa’s yoga classes here: https://www.roessamarksyoga.co.uk/

More about Helen’s breath work here: https://www.flourish-wellness.co.uk/