A spirited Scotch whisky tasting stewarded by whisky fanatics publican Simon BW and Scotsman Martin Brown, with no fewer than eight whiskies on parade.

They explain to Kate Fairweather how Scotch whisky tickles the tastebuds – and how it captured their hearts.

Simon and Martin taste their way through nine whiskies in all – all but one from Scotland

For Martin, it was a summer on Jura spent with a schoolfriend from Argyll.  For Simon, a rainy Scottish holiday in a Highland house, whose cupboards contained a trove of whiskies.

They embark on a spirited Scotch whisky tasting. They also discuss some of the great distilleries and whisky houses, how the choice of barrels informs the flavour, and some whisky history along the way.

Martin brushes off his pewter “quaich” for this very Scottish occasion, and you can hear Simon sliding towards Scottish brogue with every taste.

Whiskies on parade

  • Bains – award winning South African interloper to this otherwise very Scottish gathering
  • Macallan 12 year old – Speyside’s famous whisky
  • Johnnny Walker Blue Label – premium blend
  • Lagavulin 16 year old – from Islay, home of eight distilleries
  • Talisker – 18 year old single malt (and distiller’s edition) from Skye
  • Tobermory – from the Isle of Mull
  • Port Charlotte – a new edition whisky from Islay (eight miles from where Lagavlin is made)
  • Oban 14 year old – traditional whisky from a small distillery on the mainland

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