This months Dogs with Jobs takes a turn for the glamorous…

Meet Alfie, the charismatic, half patched Dalmatian and hear about his busy working life as a highly sought after model and actor.

Professional advertisement for pitpatlife, the dog exercise tracker, featuring Alfie the dalmatian staring at camera looking alert
Alfie as the face of pitpatlife, which keeps track of dogs’ exercise levels.

Blessed with a muscular physique and rakish good looks, thanks to his unique face patch markings, Alfie has starred in rap videos, TV programmes and is much sought after as a model by household names such as Boden and furniture manufacturer,

Front cover of Mini Boden clothes catalogue, featuring Alfie the model Dalmatian with goofy look and two child models with union jack bunting tied around them and onto Alfie's collar.
Alfie gracing the front cover of Mini Boden catalogue, showing his goofy charm with child models

When you look this good, does anything else matter?  Well… Alfie’s work requires a performance ethic with first class obedience and exceptional steadiness – all of which come in handy on a fashion shoot. 

Front cover of Shorlist magazine, featuring actor Taron Egerton and fie dogs, one of which is Alfie the dalmatian.

Alfie shares the cover of Shortlist magazine with actor Taron Egerton and four other model dogs (photo credit: @mrperou)

Owner Jan Kiley explains how his career took off and what’s next for this handsome fellow.

Black labrador on left, half patched Dalmatian on the right of smiling owner Jan who wears a red ombre sweater and jeans.
Georgie and Alfie are both registered with a pet modelling agency, but it is Alfie whose career has hit the big time
© Ewan Galvin/Solent News & Photo Agency UK +44 (0) 2380 458800

It’s not just fashion and stardust, though… Alfie is also an Ambassadog for the charity Dogs for Autism, which trains assistance dogs for autistic people. Jan works as operations director of the charity, and we’ll be hearing more about its work, and meeting one of its assistance dogs in the next couple of months on Dogs with Jobs.

Alfie as ambassador for Dogs for Autism – with thanks to Jan for the photo

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