Claire Vennis and Joff Lacey with Petersfield personalities and their stories.

We’re bringing you a special ‘Best of 2021’ P pod this week. As we head towards the end of this strange year, Claire and Joff choose some of their favourite interviews from the many and varied 2021 P pods they’ve recorded.  

From the unforgettable thunderstorm at Durleighmarsh Farm to thousands of buzzing bees through to a Green Fair and a Viking boat burn, it’s fair to say there’s always something interesting going on in the Petersphere.

Jon Walker from the Petersfield Post brings a round-up of the year’s local news and Suzie’s chosen Wilde Walk sees her almost getting lost.

We end the P pod with a song from a favourite local artist – Hannah Reem and ‘Beg Steel Borrow’.

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Merry Christmas from Claire and Joff!
Paul Abbot from Durleighmarsh Farm
Ready to see the bees with the Petersfield Beekeepers Association
Christine Seward, CEO of the Sustainability Centre, enjoying the Green Fair
With the Viking Boat builder at Butser Ancient Farm’s Viking Boat Burn