Tosh Brittan is a divorce life coach AKA the Divorce Goddess and healer.

In this new 4 part series, Tosh Brittan talks to Noni Needs about how to throw kindness at your divorce.

In this first episode: Tosh helps you set your intentions on how to be your best self at one of the most painful times in your life.

Tosh specialises in transforming the divorce experience coming from a kinder, less conflictual and healing perspective. A child of divorced parents, a divorcee and a single parent she chose a different approach and she supports clients through and beyond their divorce to be able to heal from their experience and reduce their future emotional baggage, and to coparent more consciously. She is also host of the Divorce Goddess podcast. 

Featured in the Sunday Times and Weekend FT, BBC, ITV and Sky, Spears 500 and co-author of Mindfulness for Challenging Times.   IG@divorcegoddess