Simone Brainch from the UK charity Medical Detection Dogs explains to Dogs with Jobs presenter Kate Fairweather how the charity has developed since 2008 and introduces its highly developed work with Medical Alert Assistance Dogs.

Simone Brainch of Medical Detection Dogs charity, blonde hair, smiling
Simone Brainch runs the Medical Alert Assistance Dog side of the charity, Medical Detection Dogs.

These specially trained assistance dogs alert owners to impending medical emergencies, such as hypo-glycemic episodes or allergic reactions. The dogs work incredibly closely with their human partners to warn them of an impending health episode, giving them the time to make themselves safe – which translates into increased confidence and living a fuller life.

It’s all down to the dogs’ amazing sense of smell – they are trained to identify tiny odour changes emitted by their owner before an emergency and alert the person to take preventative action.

Beau is a Diabetes Alert Dog, and has worked for some years with his human partner, David.

The big picture is fascinating – such dogs help reduce 999 calls and hospital admissions and give people and their families/carers greater confidence and independence, making a transformative difference to lives.

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