A rare sneaky peek inside the Petersfield Telephone Exchange on Charles Street.

A lucky group of ten Petersfield residents enjoy a private tour of the mysterious building with Openreach clerk of works & supervisor Mark, area manager Paul & fibre splicer Tasha.

Openreach is in the middle of a full fibre rollout project across Petersfield which will improve broadband services for homes and businesses in the area.

Their engineers explain the technology behind the project and show-off some of the technology that’s normally hidden from view.

Learn about the head end, the udders and why technology that used to fill two floors can now fit into a garden shed.

Shine Radio’s Jo Gray was there.

Some say it’s ugly but the Petersfield telephone exchange on Charles Street is our town’s vital link with the world
This can provide broadband and phone services to 800 Petersfield homes. Each fibre is the width of a human hair.
Tash is fibre splicing to fuse glass-fibre connections with efficiency and speed
The area being upgraded to full fibre broadband
The area being upgraded to full fibre broadband

You can check whether the rollout has reached you at https://openreach.com

What is the full fibre rollout all about?

Hear this interview with Openreach manager Connie Dixon, first broadcast in June 2021.