Yellow labrador Millie is one of two Pets as Therapy (PAT) dogs that visit Petersfield Hospital.

This month on Dogs with Jobs, we accompany Millie on her hospital rounds, during which she spreads joy among patients, staff and visitors alike. In fact it took us 15 minutes to get into reception because of the number of people stopping to ask about Millie and wanting a pat.

Millie has a well earned drink and rest after her hospital rounds.

It’s a deceptively simple episode – the gentle sound of a dog padding around the hospital on an ordinary Thursday morning. Yet there’s a magic here when the dog loving patients encounter Millie, and talk about how much they look forward to getting back home to their own much loved canine companions.

Owner Linda Tipple talks to presenter Kate Fairweather about Mille’s voluntary work.

Millie is a 10 year old yellow labrador with a gentle disposition that make her perfect for hospital visiting.

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