The level crossing on Station Road is closed for six days, starting today (Saturday 21 January 2023).

This is to allow engineers to install cables for a new signalling and barrier system. The new system will move control of the network infrastructure to a central location in Basingstoke. Network Rail says this will be more efficient and reliable than the current arrangement.

What’s the diversion?

The official route is really long. Hampshire County Council wants us to divert along Winchester Road to the A3 roundabout, up the A3 to the Sheet turn, down Ramshill, round the one way system and back along Station Road.

An earlier plan to send all traffic through Steep and Sheet was dropped after residents pointed out how narrow School Lane is.

The official diversion route that nobody will take.
The official diversion route that nobody will take.

Of course you’ll know far shorter routes if you’re local – but do remember the height restriction on the railway bridge if you drive a tall vehicle.

And be prepared for congestion around the area as visitors to Petersfield work out what’s going on.

What are the engineers doing?

This work is part of a larger upgrade project.

You can hear more about it in this interview with Shine Radio’s Alistair Crawford. The interview was first broadcast in January last year.