Keo was trafficked in the UK during the lockdown of 2020 – a time when the price of puppies was soaring, and a black market in dogs was flourishing.  

A member of the public spotted crates of puppies being loaded into a lorry, and called the police. When the police investigated, they found dozens of neglected puppies – many in a desperately poor condition. Sadly, about half of them didn’t make it. However, those that did  were adopted within the police “family”.  And so Keo joined Scott Parker, who works within the police service, as a family pet.   

Keo as a three month old puppy, starting to recover his health.

Scott has had his own mental health journey, and he and Keo (who still dislikes lorries) have developed a remarkable bond, which has benefited them both.  Scott is fully trained as a mental health support worker within the police force and Keo trots by his side as a wellbeing dog. 

Keo the beagle cross looks up to the right. He is wearing his OK9 jacket, to show he is a
Keo on a sunny spring morning, at ease with the world.

While Keo and Scott’s story is an inspiring, individual tale of triumph over adversity, they are also part of a bigger movement of “OK9” dogs and handlers working under the aegis of the police wellbeing charity, Oscar Kilo. Watch this space, as we hope to profile some more of the OK9 team later in the year and show the big picture.

Do you work your dog or dogs?

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Keo is one of the OK9 dogs, which are part of Oscar Kilo, the police wellbeing charity