So, our roving reporter Jo Gray escaped the newsroom & together with fellow radio presenter Kieran Cheeseman met up with local wrestler Katy Askem aka Astrid the Viking for one of her training sessions.

Part of Petersfield’s Gladiator Camp held at the rugby club they share their experience – all in the spirit of local community radio.

*no local community radio presenter was harmed or injured as part of this piece. Thanks to Katy’s amazing management & advice throughout the session.

Group shot of participants at Gladiator Camp with Jo & Kieran
It’s all about the team – Jo & Kieran embraced by Katy & regulars
Jo & Kieran giving it their all at Gladiator Camp
Jo & Kieran giving it their all at Gladiator Camp
Canadian Jo Gray's inner lumberjack at work
Canadian Jo Gray’s inner lumberjack at work

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