Proposals for changes to flight paths near Petersfield could add more noise to our local skies.

Shine Radio’s Stephen Martin spoke to Colin Shearn of the Farnborough Noise Group to find out why and what we can do about it.

More passenger jets could be seen and heard in the skies above Petersfield

Farnborough Noise Group

Colin’s campaign group is on Facebook at or you can email him and his team at

Read the proposal in detail

You can see the full proposal paperwork submitted by Farnborough Airport to the Civil Aviation Authority on the CAA website.

This map, taken from the proposal, shows the total aircraft density over the Petersfield area:

What does the CAA say?

We asked the Civil Aviation Authority to comment. They told us that the proposals are not theirs, but those of Farnborough Airport so they wouldn’t be in a position to comment.

What does Farnborough Airport say?

The airport says:

Farnborough Airport is predominantly a business aviation airport providing essential connectivity to business and trade. The government is sponsoring a wider Airspace Modernisation Programme which Farnborough Airport is participating in alongside many other airports in the south east of England. We are not aware of any proposals connected with Farnborough Airport that could lead to increased noise in Petersfield and the South Downs.

Source: a spokesperson for Farnborough Airport