Architect’s impression of the new street scene, as viewed from Petersfield Railway Station

Proposals to build more than thirty flats and a mixed-use business centre in Petersfield have been approved.

Planning officials at the South Downs National Park Authority were unanimous in their decision.

The plan will transform the old Tews site at the top of Lavant Street – the first thing people see in Petersfield when they step off the train from London.

Developers say there will be a cafe and flexible business space designed for modern working patterns alongside the residential units.

The first proposals to redevelop the site were lodged seventeen years ago – and even the most recent designs have not been without their detractors.

Petersfield Society said it believed the development would have an overly urban impact and dwarf other buildings.

Local vision

Design work on the project has been created by architects at Petersfield based RE-FORMAT and the developer is another local business, 6A Vision.

They now have the permission necessary to tear down the old Tews factory units and add residential units and business space to the top end of the town.

James Allen

Hear 6A Vision founder James Allen describe the proposal to Shine Radio’s Stephen Martin. He was speaking at an exhibition of the plans in August last year.

The SDNPA meeting

If you want to sit through the deliberations of the national park authority, you can watch the meeting at which this decision was made. The relevant section starts at around 9 minutes in.