In this episode of Dogs with Jobs, we go to work with black Labrador retriever Plum. Her job is to detect E-coli samples at the Medical Detection Dogs charity’s training centre.

Plum the black labrador retriever looks directly at the camera, mouth open, wearing a red collar. Behind her is a red dog mat on the floor.

It’s important work! Her trainer, Mark, explains what she does, how long it takes and how they ensure that Plum is rested and ready for work.  Plum is being trained and working in parallel with four other dogs in this area.  All are doing well so far. 

Kate Fairweather hears from the scientific supervisor, Sophie, who sets up the working samples and explains how they get the best performance from the dogs.  The training centre is a winning combination of hospital grade cleanliness with dog treats and toys for break-time! 

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