Meet Diva, a sheepdog with attitude!

The latest Dogs with Jobs introduces Diva, a wonderfully named sheepdog who has won multiple sheepdog trials, and who was one of 150 dogs competing over three days at the English National Sheepdog Trials in August in Yorkshire a couple of weeks ago. 

Border collie Diva faces the camera, looking slightly to one side. She has one blue eye and one brown
Border collie Diva has one brown eye and one grey

Shepherd Cathy Cassie talks about Diva and her seven other sheepdogs, who work a large Cumbrian flock of “heavy” sheep – an expression that, in the sheepdog world, is code for uncooperative and even aggressive…

View of dozens of sheep in a pen, awaiting transport to the top of the field in groups of five.
Scores of sheep are needed for the trails, with a fresh set of five delivered to the hilltop for each contestant.

Presenter Kate Fairweather dropped in on her way back from holiday. Recorded on location amid the wind whistling on a rather bleak hillside in Yorkshire, it’s fascinating to hear about the astonishing level of precision demanded of a dog, over distance using whistle commands, to compete at this level. 

More infromation from the International Sheep Dog Society

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