The giant horse chestnut tree in the centre of Sheet by the village’s Queen’s Head pub has been there throughout many local resident’s time in the village & indeed lifetime for some elders.

It’s a sad day but the operation to dramatically trim the tree (carried out on Thursday, 14 September) may be it’s only hope of survival following recent storm damage

Jo Gray met local residents watching the team at work plus tree surgeon AJ who was the foreman on the big tree’s big day (Thursday, 14 September).

The resplendent & huge Sheet horse chestnut before the operation to save it
The resplendent horse chestnut before
A large crane over the branches of the Sheet horse chestnut during operation to trim it with a team of workers and vechiles around it
A lone tall branch left on what was an iconic horse chestnut in Sheet
Nearing completion
The Sheet tree completely bare with short, low branches remaining after operation to save the horse chestnut
After the ‘heavy haircut’