Having just started her daughter at a Petersfield school, Bedales in September, writer Abi Shaw, tells Noni Needs about her three D’s: Divorce, death and dating.

Abi has survived a melanoma skin cancer diagnosis at 39.

Her husband shortly afterwards filing for divorce which left her heartbroken. Abi said:” I have forgiven him but I can’t forget. It’s taken ten years to get to that point.” 

She has turned what started out as ‘Tea-mails’ into her published story of how to navigate a life full of ‘gifts’ and huge challenges. 

“The cancer and divorce rocked me to my core. I didn’t want to undermine or gloss over that trauma or that hardship but I’m naturally light-hearted,” said Abi.

Abi, a twin, is an eternally upbeat, optimistic person to ‘the point of the ridiculous’ and shares her many dating adventures. Her book is also available from One tree Books.

She currently lives in Bali, while raising her two children, one in Bali and one in England.

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Picture credit ©Noni Needs