“The White Horse, Rogate has been closed for four years,” said Alex Whyte.

He bought it earlier this year and renovated it with his team to its present glory of stone and wodoen floors and exposed 400 year old beams.

He tells Noni Needs how he came across the White Horse.

How he swoped from shipping broker to pulling pints.

What food he likes, his ambitions for the newly re-opened pub.

And how overwhelmed he has been by the The Rogate villager’s support. 

We also hear from the Chef Andrew Hill who came on board 10 days before opening.

For more information: The White Horse Rogate

The day after: Alex-Whyte-and-Rogate-villager-Alex-Watton enjoying a pint ©-Noni-Needs
Alex Whyte, The White Horse’s new owner ©Noni Needs