While hundreds of people were celebrating at the Petersfield awards, a small group of environmentalists chose instead to hear a talk on the resilience of our community.

Anna Grey shares her views in Petersfield Community Centre

Inside the Petersfield Community Centre, campaigner Anna Grey delivered a lecture she’d previously shared with local leaders.

Anna Grey discusses her ideas with members of the audience

Alongside Anna’s concerns about climate change, food security and flood prevention she also painted a utopian vision of a future green Petersfield. Her lecture was warmly received by the audience of likeminded environmentalists.

Horticulturalist Beverly Exall was on hand – she believes growing your own can lead to higher quality food as well as increased food security – and Beverley says any of us can do more to be self sufficient

Horticulturalist Beverly Exall

The campaigners at the event now want to see their concerns echoed in the actions of local government, and on the agenda at the next general election.

Shine Radio reporters: Julie Butler and Stephen Martin