More than eighty acres of land around Buriton is being sold.

Ian and Maggie Johnston are selling four plots close to the A3 while a further two pastures near the village centre have come on the market.

The land is designated for agricultural, equestrian or tourist use but the sales raise the prospect of further development around Buriton.

Earlier this year, an inspector allowed a car charging station to be built on similar land nearby, overturning a planning authority rejection of the proposal.

That decision could be used as a precedent to support other nearby developments.

A separate application to build an eighty bed hotel and cycling centre on an adjacent pasture is in already. Meanwhile, ten new homes are under construction off Greenway Lane.

The area forms part of the South Downs international dark skies reserve. Debate around light pollution formed part of this year’s appeal hearing.

Further development is likely to be vigorously contested on environmental grounds, including the preservation of our delicate night skies.

On the market

This parcel of land is yours for £400,000 – Image: GWB

Drone footage of the area

Video footage courtesy GWB chartered surveyors and land agents.

Hotel plans

An illustration of the 80 bed hotel and cycling centre proposed for Greenway Park. The field sits between the A3 and Huntley’s scrap metal yard but the drawing looks more attractive than that.

Do you live in Buriton?

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