This episode of Dogs with Jobs gives a rare glimpse into truffle hunting at the highest level, from the Italian National Working Trials, which took place in October. 

Louise Mizen Ferguson, Chairman of the Lagotto Romagnolo Club of Great Britain takes Dogs with Jobs on a road trip to Italy.  Her own Lagottos, Dario and Sage, have had a lot of success in the show ring both in the UK and Italy. Indeed Dario has previously been graded in both the show ring and the working trails in Italy at this very event in 2022. 

The winners of a working trail in Italy, the British team is in red gilets and smile at the camera, the lagottos sitting on the grass looking at the camera
Louise Mizen Ferguson (third from left) and Dario at the 2022 trails, when Dario found success both in the showing and the working trails. (Photo credit: Louise Ferguson)

Louise shares excerpts of her audio diary, which captured the entire trip to Italy, with fellow British Lagotto owners, who talk about the intricacies of the field trials, and the “tourist class” in the latest trails.

It’s a window into a very specialised world. Louise, Lynn and Lucy explain how the trails are organised, how they are judged and what it is like to compete at this level in Italy against the world’s top truffle hounds. 

Three lagotto Romagnolos, two looking at the camera with the third, which is pale coloured, standing side on with its owner, Louise Ferguson, on leaf-covered ground.
Louise Mizen Ferguson, Chairman of the Lagotto Romagnolo Club of Great Britain with Sage and Dario (facing camera), who competed in the Italian trials

Listen to the full length version of Louise’s audio diary:

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