Endeavoured is a beagle with good looks, charisma and a shelf full of silver trophies from an illustrious career in the show ring. 

Dev the beagle looks sideways at the camera, his ear hanging down
Dev is embracing his retirement and new career with enthusiasm

His owner Patricia Sutton describes the show dog lifestyle and the qualities needed to compete at national level. Pat is hugely knowledgeable, with an earthy turn of phrase, so the episode is packed with humour and detail. She runs the venerable Rossut Beagles breeding kennel, which was founded by Pat’s parents.

Three show champion beagles looking to the left, standing one in frotn of the other
Rossut Beagles is one of the UK’s oldest beagle kennels, dating back to the 1940s (photo credit, Pat Sutton)

Known as “Dev” these days, the former show champion is living the dream, finding equal success in his post-showing career as a stud dog. 

In a first for Dogs with Jobs, we’re giving a mild content warning on today’s episode: expect a fairly frank discussion about sex and the mating process. 

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