The thirty three metre high chimney at Whitman Laboratories has been brought down as part of an engineering project.

It’s being replaced by three chimneys which are ten metres shorter.

Engineers say the new installation will improve the environmental performance of the plant and ensure it is more resilient.

The conversion project has been completed without any loss of manufacture at the Bedford Road site. Whitman Laboratories produces cosmetics as part of the Estee Lauder group.

MAC, Aveda and Clinique are among the brands which use materials which originate in Petersfield.

The engineering company Jamiesons Services says the chimney had to come down in sections because of its size and positioning. The engineers can only work at the weekend and when the wind is lower than 30 mph, making the project more challenging to plan.

A specialist steeplejack company, Churchill Specialist Contracting is also key to the work. It has come to Petersfield from Nottingham to work on the scheme.

Stuart Miller has been at the Bedford Road factory this weekend to oversee the project. He spoke to Shine Radio’s Stephen Martin about the project.

Stuart Miller (right) with colleagues at the Whitman Laboratories site in Petersfield
The old chimney could be seen from miles around
New chimneys arrive at the Petersfield site. Photo: Jamiesons Services Ltd
How the plant looked before the old chimney came down. Photo: Jamiesons Services Ltd
The scene on Sunday morning after the 33m chimney was removed