This month’s episode is a short but interesting one.

Presenter Kate Fairweather introduces springer spaniel Bonnie, who works as a bed bug inspector. Her job is to check hotels – including some super smart hotels – for bed bugs, which are increasingly common.  They can hitch a ride on almost any fabric and have become a concern for the hospitality industry in particular.

Black and white springer spaniel wears a hi vis harness. Her head is down as she sniffs along the bottom of a radiator
Bonnie systematically searches every room of a hotel, including warm corners such as radiators

Many of the best hotels consider it best practice, to have regular sweeps for bed bugs.  Sometimes a hotel has had a past problem, had it treated, and wants to check that these unwelcome little visitors have not returned.  

Bonnie wears a yellow neon harness and sniffs along a matress
When the harness goes on, Bonnie know’s it’s time to go to work

Other clients are highly sensitive and don’t want anyone to know they have bed bug detection dogs in the house – which also makes sense! For more sensitive clients, Simon Chapman and bed bug detection dog Bonnie do out of hours visits, leaving Bonnie’s working harness at home, and pretend to be a regular owner and pet dog out on an evening walk… 

Simon Chapman of K9 Manhunt Scotland explains to Dogs with Jobs presenter Kate Fairweather how he keeps Bonnie motivated and up to scratch. 

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