It’s Phill and Laura’s turn to take up the baton of the Ppod this week.

Petersfield’s weekly news, views and interviews led by Phill Humphries and Laura Sheppard, comes to you this week from The Clanfield Centre.

Phill and Laura are joined by Natasha Glover, who is the centre manager, and who shares details of all the myriad events that take place in the centre. Dave Harris, the Chair of the Parish Council explains exactly what the parish council does, and what its involvement with the Clanfield Centre is. And Jenny tells us all about Pickleball – yes you heard that right! Meanwhile, it’s the Lunar New Year and Jo Gray speaks to Trin at Mai’s Spa in town to explain Vietnamese traditions that surround the new year, as we enter the Year of the Dragon. 

This week’s P pod was recorded on Monday, February 16, at The Clanfield Centre, and was produced by Phill Humphries, and edited by Em Sefton-Smith, with help from Jo Gray. 

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