Iva Repnytska, a Ukrainian journalist now living in Petersfield, brings the sound of home to her countryfolk displaced by the war. Working with Shine Radio volunteers she is producing a podcast for Ukrainians who want to hear their native language and talk about the problems that interest them right here. And also for the British who want to learn about Ukrainian culture.

Why cold coffee?

The series is called Cold Coffee – the by product of a conversation so engaging your cup is left untouched.

Introducing Iva Repnytska and Cold Coffee

28th March 2024 – Culture

In today’s Ukrainian podcast “Cold Coffee”, the author Iva Repnytska talked about an outstanding event in the cultural life of Ukraine – winning the first “Oscar” in the history of Ukraine.

For the first time in the history of Ukrainian cinema, the film “20 Days in Mariupol” directed by Mstislav Chernov won the “Oscar” award, winning in the “Best Documentary” category.

You can watch “20 days in Mariupol” online on streaming services:

  • Amazon;
  • Apple TV;
  • Google Play Movies;
  • Vudu;
  • Microsoft

11th March 2024 – Education

She says” We will talk in Ukrainian about our pains and fears, and in English we will talk about our customs, culture and differences. This program should be part of a therapeutic meeting to support Ukrainians in Britain who feel depression, despair, and devastation.

Having arrived as a refugee, it is difficult to start a normal life. Leaving your heart in Ukraine – it’s hard to breathe in Britain!

How to recover on a foreign land? How to find the strength to get out of bed every day and live your life instead of waiting for better times? I will try to answer these questions together with listeners and guests whom I will invite to talk with me.”

And here is your Ukrainian lesson – Glory Ukraine – Slava Ukraini

Ukraine heart flag