A monthly guide to our dark skies by Geoff Burt

Written by Petersphere resident, astronomical expert and amateur astronomer Geoff Burt, every month Shine Radio presents a Sky Watch of our unique dark skies.

Let Shine Radio open up the wonder of Petersfield’s night skies for magical star-gazing from your doorstep, in Sky Watch.


Astronomical twilight overlaps in the Petersphere this time of year so there’s no true night and with the Summer Solstice taking place on June 20th we will bask in over sixteen and a half hours of daylight!

We find out about the 13th sign of zodiac in this month’s Sky Watch and how to view noctilucent clouds too.

With the sun currently nearing the height of its 11-year activity cycle we’re far enough north to get the auroras when the solar activity is high. This year we could be getting noctilucent clouds and auroras at once!

Who is Geoff Burt?

Geoff Burt has been an active member of the Hampshire Astronomical Group, is a mentor for the Open University ‘Moons of our Solar System’ online course and was elected a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society in 2009. He lives locally.