Ukrainian Art Classes in Petersfield

Nancy Fellows from Creatful introduced Laura Sheppard to Maryna Melnyk who launched a Ukrainian Art Class earlier this year. Maryna is a guest currently staying in Petersfield, and the art classes are held at St Laurence’s Church on Fridays.

Remembering Tenor Wilfred Brown

Wilfred Brown was a tenor and professional singer who lived in Petersfield. He taught music including to Prime Minster Harold Wilson’s children and performed and recorded with many musical greats like Vaughan Willaims, Gerald Finzi and guitarist John Williams. We...

Who is The Vegan Tigress?

Claire Parker from Lynchpin Theatre chats to Laura Sheppard about the show Lynchpin are bringing to Petersfield Museum on 23rd May. Who is The Vegan Tigress? And how does a dance technique help us discover why spiders might freak us out?