Director Diaries
from Petersfield Shakespeare Festival

Taking local arts to a wider audience

Petersfield Shakespeare Festival is a highlight of our town’s cultural calendar.

Within the ground of Bedales Schoo, the 2019 festival staged three productions to critical acclaim.

One of our objectives at Petersfield Community Radio is to open the town’s creative arts to a wider audience and amplify its impact in the town.

In a series of nine ‘Director Diaries’ listeners could go behind the scenes of the festival in sound for the first time.

Through this unique collection of audio, discover how theatre professionals and members of the local community brought the festival to life and hear the thoughts of the creative teams as their opening nights approached.

Director Diaries audio

Roaming Wild: The founding of Compassion in World Farming

Listen as Emma Silverthorn talks to Theodora Eleni about how global farming has changed to incorporate more compassionate methodology and how her grandparents Anna and Peter Roberts were instrumental in bringing about that change from the modest back room of their Hampshire home.

Petersfield Infant School Association appeals for local support

Can you help?

Trudy Baxendale from the Petersfield Infant School Association appeals to the local community and businesses for gifts, raffle prizes and fund matching for its summer fair . Trudy tells Theodora Eleni why the school needs the funds and how much they hope to raise.

Meet the beagles!

This episode of Dogs with Jobs features a lively pack of working beagles.

Kennel huntsman Danny Allen describes the daily working lives of his characterful charges to Kate Fairweather. Recorded at the Alresford Show 2022.

Meet E.T. the military assistance dog

This month, Kate Fairweather stays very local, visiting Ramsdean to meet E.T., a talented young labrador retriever with big paw prints to fill. He’s the third in a line of exceptional assistance dogs owned by Allen Parton, disabled ex-Royal Navy Chief Petty Officer and the founder of Hounds for Heroes, the assistance dog charity. 

Meet Daisy, the autism assistance dog

Meet Daisy, who works with a non-verbal autistic teenager.
She gives him confidence and security. She gives his parents an early warning of impending meltdown. Hear how this wonderful dog has transformed the lives of the entire family.

Ukrainian Art Classes in Petersfield

Nancy Fellows from Creatful introduced Laura Sheppard to Maryna Melnyk who launched a Ukrainian Art Class earlier this year. Maryna is a guest currently staying in Petersfield, and the art classes are held at St Laurence’s Church on Fridays.

Remembering Tenor Wilfred Brown

Wilfred Brown was a tenor and professional singer who lived in Petersfield. Now his adopted son Matthew speaks to Shine Radio about life with Wilfred.

The UMI Health Clinic to open on 8 June from 11am

We spoke to Dr Afshin Khalessi about the private health clinic at 20 Lavant Street, which will open on Saturday 8 June (all welcome from 11am to 4pm). The clinic has womens’ health services, also Dental services and Aesthetics.

Dr Khalessi explains:

The five or six terrapins in the Heath Pond are not a worry – probably…

People have been taking snaps of the terrapins sunbathing at the Heath Pond.

Richard Wardon, former chair of the Friends of Petersfield Heath, tells us more about them – how they got there, how they are not harming the local ecosystem and how to get involved with the Friends of Petersfield Heath.

Jake Smith

As Artistic Director of the Petersfield Shakespeare Festival, Jake has led its creative development since 2015.

He began his career at Hull Truck Theatre as a Creative Learning Facilitator and he has since been Resident Director at the Almeida Theatre, Trainee Director at Chichester Festival Theatre and trained on the National Theatre Directors’ Programme.

Jake serves on the advisory board for Petersfield Community Radio where his role is to help the project amplify the town’s creative arts through radio.

Holly Stevens

Holly Stevens

Radio producer

The audio from Petersfield Shakespeare Festival was produced by Petersfield student Holly Stevens.

Holly is from Buriton and studies Production Arts in Stage and Screen at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School.

She has previously been involved in writing short radio plays and podcasting as well as behind-the-scenes work and prop-making for several Bristol Old Vic performances.

After her studies, Holly plans to pursue a career in radio and film production.