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Chandni Narvekar is a Yoga Alliance certified teacher based in Petersfield with more than 2,300 hours of teaching experience. Yoga has been an integral part of her life. Growing up in India, the principles and practise of yoga were present all around her, whether it was doing asanas (postures) or learning to chant in Sanskrit and Hindi. After moving to America, Chandni started practising Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow yoga.

Hear her interview with the Bod Pod’s Dawn Clare where she explains the principles behind yoga and meditation, and some of her remarkable life experience.

Chandni demonstrates her strength and skill

Chandni says:
“I have had the luck of practising yoga in many countries and learning from
the most amazing yoga teachers. I knew my journey will bring me to teach
yoga…the experiences I’ve gathered along the way have been invaluable and
influence my teaching every day. I look forward to sharing my love of yoga
with you and hope to bring it to your life, even if in a small way…together
finding awareness of body, steadiness of breath and stillness of thoughts.”

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Audio production by Barry Baseley at Petersfield Community Radio

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