David Weeks, the self-styled Mr Petersfield himself, talks about growing up in our town.

With Shine Radio’s Dave Williams, he reveals some interesting nuggets about life in Petersfield in “The Old Days”:

  • Where children loved to play in the 1940s,
  • Why the Kimbers estate is named,
  • Monkeys! An animal escape in Tilmore Road,
  • What is a ‘Master Speiler’?
  • Who were “The Highfield Cobblers”?
  • How much did a lad selling newspapers earn?

Get an insight into life in Petersfield in the previous century from the man who actually lived in it …. and still does: our very own Mr PetersfieldDavid Weeks

David Weeks gives the 'Thumbs up' with Shine radio's Dave Williams
Thumbs up! David Weeks – without his Mr Petersfield showman outfit – and Shine Radio’s Dave Williams.

Part 2

In the next conversation David tells Dave about a Petersfield industry that has since passed, and about how much the town has changed during his lifetime. Look out for “More stories of growing up in Petersfield’.