There’s something of the “school drop off” on weekday mornings at the charity, Medical Detection Dogs’s headquarters.

The bio detection dogs and trainee medical alert assistance dogs dogs live with families and volunteer fosterers. On weekday mornings they are dropped off at the training centre, where they plunge into a schedule of training, socialising and break time in the paddock.

Gemma Butlin of Medical Detection Dogs explains to Dogs with Jobs presenter Kate Fairweather how the charity keeps its many dogs relaxed and happy on site, during their training, and what a typical day looks like for the charity’s trainee medical alert assistance dogs.

We hear from “puppy picker” Chris, who explains the qualities he looks for in very small puppies, and how they will be gently introduced to a wide range of stimuli – from hairdryers to tractors. A varied and exciting puppyhood is essential to develop the steadiness that will be required of the dogs once they start work with their human partners.

Yellow labrador Thor looks forward, his owner in a blue and white check dress smiles.
Gemma of Medical Detection Dogs is fostering Thor, who is a trainee covid-19 dog.

We hear about half a dozen bio detection dogs and trainees in this episode of Dogs with Jobs, and hear them relaxing on site at Medical Detection Dogs.

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