Breed enthusiast Barbara Brown introduces the wonderfully named Oberon, who goes by the more informal “Obi” to friends on this episode of Dogs with Jobs.

Obi is a Clumber Spaniel, which is the largest English spaniel, hailing from Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire. It is designated a vulnerable breed, which means that fewer than 300 puppies are born a year.

Obie the gundog has his nose down to the grass as he follows a scent Photo credit: Tony Game
Oberon is a working gundog with a superior sense of smell. Photo credit: Tony Game

Obi works as a gundog, specialising in heavy cover – using his superior nose to clear ground after a shoot. Barbara talks to Dogs with Jobs presenter Kate Fairweather about his talent, and discusses the breed, which is strongly associated with the Royal Family – King George V kept a pack of them, as did Prince Albert and King Edward VII.

Recorded at the Hampshire Country Sports Day.

Oberon the white and tan clumber spaniel is leaping off the ground, eyes firmly on his owner Barbara, who has a whistle in her mouth and wears a green cap.
Oberon demonstrating his abilities with gun dog trainer Barbara Brown (Photo Credit, Heidrun Humphries)

Find out more about the breed at the Working Clumber Spaniel Society.

If you are interested in gun dog classes with Barbara, you can find her on Facebook.

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