Photographer and artist Nick Brandt premiere’s his latest bodies of work together for the first time at Petworth’s Newlands House Gallery.

A new series of portraits symbolising the devastating effects of climate change will move you to action or tears. This arresting and thought provoking work is photographed around the world in Bolivia, Kenya, Zimbabwe and Fuji.

The Day May Break: Chapters One to Three, explores themes of environmental destruction and climate change. 

Sink/Rise has a strong focus on rising sea levels.

Noni Needs speaks to Nick Brandt about his work, how and why he does it.

Nick Brandt said, there is hope to mitigate the damage… through millions of small everyday actions that everyone can take part in to result in consequential change.

Exhibition runs until May 29th 2024 @Newlands House Gallery

Photographs © Nick Brandt

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xBTS-Making-of-The-Day-May-Break-NB-John-and-Mak-1 ©Nick Brandt
Alice-Stanley-and-Najin_Kenya-2020-3600px ©Nick Brandt
Alice-Stanley-and-Najin_Kenya-2020-3600px ©Nick Brandt