The annual meeting of the town saw some of Petersfield’s residents awarded for their contributions to the community. Hear some of them and their reaction in this report by Shine Radio’s Julie Butler.

The meeting was also disrupted by activists from outside Petersfield. They tried to prevent the Police and Crime Commissioner Donna Jones from giving a report during the current pre-election “purdah” period.

Howard Linsley of Labour and Don Gerrard of the self-styled Justice & Anti-Corruption party came to our town from Liss and Greatham respectively.

Mr Linsley attempted to derail the running of the civic event. He backs a rival candidate to Ms Jones while Mr Gerrard is standing himself in the PCC elections. You can see all the candidates at

The Town Council says it took legal advice from the Local Government Association and stands by its decision to invite Ms Jones to deliver a report as planned.

Hear what happened and how the activists defend their actions.

Julie also speaks to the outgoing Mayor of Petersfield, Councillor JC Crissey on his busy year in the role.

Town meeting from the back of the Rose Room to show how busy the meeting was
Simon Auty  from the Green A team
The Rev Will Hughes
Stuart Barden