This is the story of the night, as told by Jo and Maddie at Petersfield Festival Hall.

That’s where the count is taking place overnight for the East Hampshire constituency.

You can see background to the election as it affects us locally on this page.

The Result

Damian Hinds of The Conservative Party has been elected as the Member of Parliament for East Hampshire.

Thursday’s General Election saw 50,163 votes cast in the constituency. The turn-out was 71 per cent, slightly down on the 2019 turn-out of 74.4 per cent.

The overall results were:

Damian Hinds, Conservative – 18,509
Matthew Kellermann, Reform UK –  6,476
Richard Knight, Green – 2,404
Jim Makin, Hampshire Independents – 364  
Dominic Martin, Liberal Democrats – 17,234
Lucy Sims, Labour – 4,967
Sara Smith, SDP – 152

Verified figures confirm a total of 50,163 votes were cast across the constituency.

The turnout is higher than the current reported national average of 58% but down from the 74% seen in East Hampshire at the last General Election.

4.50am update

Candidates and their agents are expecting to be called into a “preliminary declaration” shortly.

If the result it clear-cut we can expect the formal declaration soon afterwards.

However, observers told Shine Radio it was looking close. This means an agent could have requested a recount. If that was granted it would push the declaration time back significantly.

In the end the majority was narrow but clear enough to avoid a recount.

Mike and Peter - count assistants
Mike and Peter – count assistants

How does the count work?

Acting returning officer Matthew Tiller explains the process to Shine Radio’s Jo Gray.

Shine Radio's Jo Gray with acting returning officer Matthew Tiller
Shine Radio’s Jo Gray with acting returning officer Matthew Tiller

Local children learn about elections

Children at Churcher’s College Junior School have conducted their own election, complete with polling booths and a landslide result.

What might the local results look like?

The exit poll offers some suggestions.

Here’s a summary of the Exit Poll predictions from around our area and predicted result times:

East Hampshire – likely Conservative hold. Result 04:25
Chichester – possible Conservative hold. Result 04:30
Farnham & Bordon – too close to call but a 74% chance of a Lib Deb gain. Result 06:00
Winchester – Lib Dem gain from the Conservatives. Result 06:30
Arundel & South Downs (includes Rogate) – Conservative hold. Result 07:00

Green Party candidate Richard Knight reflects on his campaign

Speaking to Shine Radio’s Jo Gray, Richard Knight says he’s found a disconnect between the issues voters want to talk about locally and his fears for the future of the planet.

He also tried to raise the Israel – Hamas war with voters in Petersfield, which he says was not well received by members of environmental group PeCAN.

Green Party candidate Richard Knight

Unexpected exit

Shine Radio volunteers in Chichester say their counting venue was evacuated because of a fire alarm.

Exit pole – campaigners must wait outside by a crossing in Chichester

Forty winks?

As 4am approaches, and with no sign of a declaration, there’s just time for one overnight worker in Petersfield to grab a quick snap of shut-eye.

A worker at the Petersfield count gets a few moments sleep
A worker at the Petersfield count gets a few moments rest